Wednesday, March 25, 2015

35. Enter Through the Gift Shop

This movie really pissed me off. I think the main character, Theirry was unbelievably impulsive, immature, irrational, and basically a mooch.  I think it is unfair that he calls himself a film maker and an artist when in reality he is neither of those things.  I think he took ideas from everyone he was supposed to help, but didn't and used their ideas to spark his own.  I don't think he is capable of actually making the art himself which makes me really mad because the whole point of being an artist is designing and making the art yourself.  Although he does have good ideas, I think his inspiration is too similar to other artists and that he basically copied other ideas and put a little of his spark into it.  I wouldn't be as annoyed with him if he was making the art himself, because all the other artists in the film create, design and put on paper their designs, they don't have people do it for them.  I think he got lucky with his opening show but I don't think he deserves the amount of credit he got.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

34. Improv Discussion

The main thing I took out of the improv groups from Friday is that creativity, although often very frustrating, is actually fun and exciting.  It made me realize that there are so many different ways to be creative and spark creative thoughts and improv is definitely one of them.  I have never been a big fan of improv, but I did find the class particularly entertaining, so it has opened my eyes to trying new things.  Which also led me to thinking that creativity is about going outside of your comfort zone, trying new things is a great way to start new creative tracks for your work and ideas.  The improv groups really showed me that I need to loosen up in order to let my creative thoughts flow freely because if I am tense or worried about judgment then I will always have difficulty opening up my ideas because I will be concerned about what other people think.  Improv is the definition of not caring what people think, you get to make a fool of yourself and even if you're nervous or embarrassed people usually laugh or at least appreciate your efforts.  This is a really cool way to think about creativity and it makes me excited to start new projects and try new things.

33. Punta Cana - day 3

"Boat party!!!! Woohoo!!!" - direct quote from my notepad

This was easily the best day of the trip.  The weather was perfect, we were out on the water all day and everyone was happy and having an amazing time.  This day really made me grateful for all the privileges I have, especially going to SMU.  Spending spring break in the Dominican Republic and a day on a boat with all your friends is more than I could ask for.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

32. Punta Cana - day 2

This was a fun day by the pool.  When my roommate, Emily and I accidentally took 3,000 photos on our friends go pro when we thought we were taking a video......whoops.

But, the accidental photos actually turned out pretty good, so I guess we got something out of having to delete about 2,500 of them.

What is actually happening here is captured in a series of photos and the random drink in the air is my friend Erica, who jumped into the photo, knocked Meg's drink out of her hand...and voila, a cute candid pic was made!!!

these.....not so cute

Monday, March 16, 2015

31. Punta Cana - day 1 - part 2

Night numero uno was interesting.  We went to a club called "Imagine" was in a cave.

The quote of the night from my notepad was "lol wtf why are we in a cave"....I didn't really get too into my blog post this night I guess.

However short my blog post may have been....I did get forced to take this picture in a giant chair by my boyfriends friends because "the president of Pike needs to sit in the kings chair" 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

30. Punta Cana - day 1 part 1

The traveling portion of the day was not as interesting as the night or the trip itself but I did get some pretty hilariously unflattering pictures of Michael ... this being my favorite

29. Back in the U.S. of A

So, the original plan for my "college spring break" was to make a funny blog post every day/night of vacation, with the idea that my state of mind would provide for a pretty interesting string of events.  However, Punta Cana had other ideas for me.  And by other ideas I mean that the wifi fucking blew.  So, I had to resort to the notepad on my phone.... over the next few days (to give the illusion of writing them in real time) I will be typing up the hilariously weird assortment of blog posts I wrote and pictures I took...stay tuned for a wild ride

Friday, March 6, 2015

28. T Minus 1 hour and 30 minutes until I am FREEEEE for spring break

2 midterms on the day before spring break is just cruel.  But, the light on the end of the tunnel is Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Sunday.  In a few short days I will be laying on the beach with a drink in my hand soaking up the sun....this image is literally the only thing that got me through this week.  It's so close now!!! I'll be posting some fun blogs over break hopefully.  That should be interesting.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


...kind of

My instagram is one place where I express myself.  Here are my last 10 instagram posts from most recent to oldest.  They really do sum up my life basically in a nutshell.  Family, friends, horses, my boyfriend, the beach, my sorority, and SMU.  These are the key components to my life, and they are simply shown through a few simple posts.  Without even thinking, these photos tell a story about my life.  Hm...maybe creativity is better when you don't seek it out?

Mom comes to Dallas for Pi Phi moms weekend 
Valentines Day present~tickets to Cavalia

Just chillen

Pike Superbowl Party (Go Pats)

Miss you Dad <3

The best of friends

26. Creative Process 3


Everyones creative process is different.  Which is what makes creativity so unique.  Personally, when I want to start something creative I make a list of random shit that comes to my mind.  Then I narrow it down to random shit that could actually become something cool...and less random.  Once I have done that I attempt to get an image in my mind of whatever I want to create.  The problem that I have with creativity is when it has to be something about myself.  A story, a video, a picture, anything really.  I don't like people seeing my work, or letting people into my life, mind, or ideas.  I get unbelievably self conscious about ideas I have and it completely blocks my creative process.  I've started to work on letting my ideas and work be seen and heard but it still makes me uncomfortable.  To be in the creative field I need to get over this fear, which is normal to have...but I need to find a way to do this.  I'll keep you updated if I get any closer to figuring it out....

25. Fashion

Already sick of reading this book for my midterm.


I swear Dallas is literally the only city in the entire world that completely shuts down for a little bit of snow.  Honestly, closing school isn't that big of a deal....but considering it is the middle of midterms, closing every library on campus is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.  I have been walking around campus for an hour trying to find a place to study for my 2 midterms tomorrow and finally found a now that I have ranted about stupid SMU not knowing how to handle snow, I am going to start studying.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

23. Stress

Stress is what I feel
Specifically now, generally all the time
I write it off as if no big deal
But, my body rejects my ignorance
I convince myself I am fine and relaxed
But my worsening Alopecia says otherwise
It is times like these
Tests, important life decisions and actions controlling my life
Where I get overwhelmed and ignore the stress
I pretend not to feel it
But I feel it
It is always there
But especially now
Now I really feel it

22. Creative Process 2

Psychodynamic Creative Theory:

The psychodynamic creative theory was developed by Sigmund Freud and is the study of the tension between conscious and unconscious realities.  I find this theory really interesting because I think it is cool to study how the brain works.  The theory discusses how no matter what you conclude from a piece of work, your findings can never be completely conclusive because you never know what the artist was truly thinking.  The study of how the creative mind works is really interesting to me and I think the idea that your conscious and subconscious minds can have completely different, out of the box ideas is something really amazing.

21. Rainbows

My whole life I have had an obsession with rainbows and after my dad died they always reminded me of him.  Since then, every rainbow I see I take a photo of.  This is one in Vermont, where I grew up skiing and where my dads ashes are spread.  This was the first time I felt that rainbows had some sort of significance to my dad and captured it.

20. Spring Break

~dreaming of nice weather and palm trees~

~Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  T minus 4 days...can't come fast enough

19. Rain

This rain NEEDS TO GO
It is fucking horrible
Where is the sunshine

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

18. That awkward moment....

That awkward moment when you flip through the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders calendar and come across your SMU academic advisor, who was apparently a DCC, chillen in her bikini....I'm going to go ahead and say that month will not be hanging on the wall...could be a little strange

17. My Cat Molly

My kitten is literally fucking insane....and I'm also pretty sure she hates me.  She runs into walls....over...and over again...and for whatever reason it doesn't hurt her and she strangely seems to like it.  She has been SPRINTING around the house for the past 3 hours like a maniac...jumping on everything and then immediately jumping off and running away, biting my feet, attacking and jumping up my legs, walking across my computer while trying to bite my fingers....and of course, when I try to capture this ridiculousness on video...specifically for this post.  She decides now is a good time to go to very convenient of you, Devil kitty.  You'll be sleeping in your cage tonight.
She is clearly unamused with me, per usual

16. House Of Cards

I don't understand
House Of Cards makes zero sense
Maybe I should watch

15. Michael aka Miguel

my "hot" boyfriend

14. Creative Process 1

...according to Graham Wallas

1) Preparation
2) Incubation
3) Illumination
4) Verification

I definitely agree that there is a creative process to some extent, but I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the idea that it can be put into steps.  Creativity is personally inventive; it is different for everyone.  The Preparation Stage is defined as "the problem to be solved is carefully considered and resources are gathered in order to confront the task.  The conscious mind is focused on the problem" (the creative process, illustrated pg. 7).  The problem I have with this definition as well as the other 3, is that these only apply to the creative process if you are given a specific task and told to do something with it.  In that sense, these steps do make sense.  However, when creativity is free-flowing all on its own, without rules or guidelines I think the starting place, and all the steps in between are completely different for each person. And that can not be put into stages or steps, it just happens all on its own.

13. My Passion

A passion is something you love
Something that drives your life in the direction you want it to go
It is something that makes you who you are
For me it is horses
Riding is my life, it is a part of me

12. Sonia Rykiel

Sonia is the designer who invented the "poor boy" sweater .... meaning, she was the first person to make a soft, comfy sweater.  I am doing an infographic on her life and her designs.  This was the cover of Elle when her sweater first became known to the world.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

11. Money - Abundance - Scarcity - Wealth

I chose not to take the challenge of creating a collage using money for a few reasons.  First off, I happen to have zero cash in my room right now and there is no ATM near by.  But, even if I did I still most likely would not have done it.  I would rather not obstruct money by gluing it to something, or gluing something to it, frankly because it would be a waste.  I don't have a problem with making something creative with money, but anything that would permanently destroy it would make me uncomfortable.  Overall, the main reason is because I did not have any cash accessible to do the assignment, so I figured I would discuss why I chose not to instead.