Monday, April 27, 2015

50. Am I done yet?

So, this could technically be my final blog post, and honestly, it probably will be with the full schedule I have coming up this week. I had never had a blog before this class, or ever really looked at any blogs, but this made me realize that blogging is a really good outlet for your thoughts and is actually really fun.

Going into this blog I didn't really think about what I wanted it to be like and I kind of wish I had thought to focus it on one topic of specific thing, but I liked being able to just write about whatever I was thinking about or going through.

Writing about my feelings and my days, although not the most thrilling topics for other people to read, really helped me feel more confident in myself.  I am really happy I got to use this blog assignment as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas and I will definitely consider starting a blog about something I love or something I do or really anything specific in the near future.

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