Sunday, April 26, 2015

45. Procrastination

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.

    also known as, me, right now.

    I have been trying to learn stat for the past 4 hours and I kid you not....I have retained zero information.  I can't focus at all and I really, really need to.  I figured this would be a good break to put my mind at ease for a minute, because I would rather write for 6 hours straight than do one math problem for 10 minutes....math and I don't get along very well to say the least.  Trying to study this right now is actually unbelievably painful and almost unbearable, it makes me SO ANGRY when I don't know how to do the problems, which then just cycles over and over until I literally feel like I know nothing.

    So, on that note...I better go do some more studying.

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