Sunday, April 26, 2015

44. Lightning

Sitting in Fondren library right now, procrastinating studying for my Stat test on Tuesday by writing blog posts...also distracted by the unreal lightning that is going on right now.  On the fourth floor there is a huge window that I'm sitting by and there is nothing blocking the view to all the buildings in down town.  The lightning keeps lighting up the entire sky and cracking down over all the buildings.

I have a weird obsession with lightning.  I love the way it looks in photographs and when it actually looks like that in real life.  I think it is a beautiful part of nature that I honestly do not understand at all but its beauty is so naturally and powerful.

From a distance the beauty is moving but up close would be terrifying.  I think that is something really cool about lightning; that something so beautiful can be so dangerous and destructive.

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